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Water Mains for New Homeowners

May 22, 2022

Water Mains for New Homeowners

A water main is the main supply of water. Your house’s water main brings in the water from the city and into your house. A water main is critical because it is the primary source for all water that goes through smaller pipes in homes and businesses, which provide a high volume of clean water under pressure. To use the water that enters your home in an efficient and responsible way, you should know about your water main, how it works, and when to call a plumber for a plumbing repair service in case you ever need one. Sunshine Plumbers is a great company to call whenever you’re having problems with plumbing.

Water Main Parts

Your water main is made up of the water meter, shut-off valve, and pressure-reducing valve. The water meter measures the volume of water that passes through your pipes. It records the amount of water that enters your house monthly and typically uses cubic feet or gallons as a measurement of volume. A shut-off valve stops the flow of water from the water meter to the rest of the house. It’s located next to the main water pipe and can be used to cut off the entire house’s water supply. You or a certified plumber can access this valve easily in case of an emergency. Lastly, you have the pressure-reducing valve. Sometimes, the water pressure is too strong for the pipes, causing a threat to break. This valve will reduce the water to a comfortable pressure. Make sure you call for a plumbing repair service from Sunshine Plumbers if you want to adjust the pressure-reducing valve.

Reasons Water Mains Break

  • Excavation Work: The flow of water can be obstructed by utility workers, contractors, and even homeowners themselves if they are not careful. When planning on digging the ground, it’s important to know what lies beneath the surface. You can use a tool as simple as the shovel and still accidentally burst or crack a pipe. Mostly, heavy excavation machines are the ones that have more potential to dig in areas with pipes.
  • Pipe Age: Modern pipes are made from materials like ductile iron and plastic, making them suitable for different conditions like harsh weather and temperature changes. Water mains that were installed before 1980 are made of cast iron, which can easily break and is not durable. If you find out that your water main was made before 1980, you may want an upgrade.
  • Pressure Changes: According to the temperature, water inside the pipe either freezes or heats, causing the pipes to either expand or contract. These pressure changes can sometimes cause the pipes to crack or rupture. Similarly, the pressure coming from the soil above the pipe can get too stressful after a while as well. If the ground settles well on top of the pipe and this stresses the pipe out, the pipe may break.

If your water main does break, there are multiple paths you can take to repair it. Consult with an experienced plumber about your options because each case is different and may need different solutions. Do your repairs with Sunshine Plumbers to find the utmost positive results.