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Signs You Have a Hidden Leak

May 28, 2022

Signs You Have a Hidden Leak

Leaks are costly and dangerous as they are, but hidden leaks are especially troublesome. A hidden leak can tear through your building’s structure and foundation without your clue. Fortunately, experienced plumbers like those at Sunshine Plumbers use sophisticated technology to quickly pinpoint hidden leaks without breaking through walls and floors. We are proud to offer water leak detection services, but we are also happy to give you some tips as well. In this article, we will go over some signs that you might have a hidden leak. Feel free to call Sunshine Plumbers to request a professional leak detection or leak repair today.

Damaged Walls, Floors, or Ceilings

Water can flow and it can crash. Either way, water is powerful. Take a look at the Grand Canyon to get an idea of the power of a steady stream of water. Fortunately, a water leak generally produces a little water compared to the river that carved the Grand Canyon. Still, your walls and ceilings are much less durable than those structures. When walls, ceilings, and floors are exposed to moisture over an extended period of time, they can get stained and become discolored. The moisture can also peel paint and cause wallpaper to blister. Severe cases can even result in warped walls and sagging ceilings.

Mold and Mildew Growth

Water is a necessity of life, but some life is not welcome in your living space – specifically, mold and mildew. These fungi survive on organic material as well as water. Drywall and wood satisfy their first source of nutrition and the moisture from a hidden leak will satisfy the second. Wherever you see mold and mildew growing are where you should throw a red flag. Mold and mildew are unsightly at best and serious risks for your building’s structure and your health at worst.

Unusually Expensive Water Bills

Many people set up automatic payments to cover their water bills, but this should not mean you stop examining your invoice. We recommend you pay close attention to your water usage and compare this month’s usage with previous months and even the previous year. If you notice unusual and sudden spikes or persistent increases in water usage, then it is time to investigate.

Shut off all of the showerheads, faucets, and appliances, then head to your water meter. Read the number on the meter. If it is changing, then you likely have a heavy leak. If it is not changing, then note the number on the meter and come back in twenty minutes. If the number has changed over that time (and you have NOT turned on any water), then you might have a slow leak.

Schedule Leak Detection or Leak Repair

If you suspect a hidden leak, then waste no time in calling Sunshine Plumbers. We use special technology to pinpoint the hidden leak and repair it in no time. Our live representatives are on standby to schedule a flexible appointment and our dedicated plumbers are ready to dispatch for urgent needs. We are ready when you are.