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How to Retrieve Something Flushed Down the Toilet

May 21, 2022

How to Retrieve Something Flushed Down the Toilet

Pets and toddlers are strangely curious creatures, experimenting with all sorts of things. Cats have a weird tendency of pushing things off counters. With some bad luck, you can expect those things to fall in the toilet. Meanwhile, toddlers cut to the chase and toss toys and other items directly into the toilet. Whether due to an experiment or accident, having items fall in the toilet can be frustrating. Fortunately, your friends here at Sunshine Plumbers have some tricks up the sleeve. Continue reading to learn how you can retrieve something flushed down the toilet.

Can You See It?

Most of the time, the object will not make it past the bowl of the toilet. If you can see the item, then grab some rubber gloves and gently fish it out. Be careful when reaching in. Roughly disrupting the water can push the object further down the bowl. If you can no longer see the item, then we might have to resort to a couple of other methods. Continue reading below.

Out of Sight? No Problem.

If you have dealt with a toilet clog before, then you know how to use plungers and drain snakes. These two items will be crucial for retrieving items that are in the toilet and out of sight.

First, grab the plunger and gently lower it into the bowl at an angle, allowing the air in the plunger to exit. Give the plunger one light push to see if it is enough to bring the object back into view so you can grab it.

Before we mention the next method, we should note that it is a little risky as it can push the item further down and scratch your toilet as well. If the plunger did not work, then bring out the drain snake. If you do not have a drain snake, you can unravel a wire hanger and form a small hook on one end. Send the hook down the toilet and gently swivel it around to catch the object. If the item is metallic, you can try attaching a magnet to the end of the drain snake or wire hanger.

No Success?

If neither the plunger nor the drain snake methods worked, then it might be time to call in the professionals. The skilled plumbers at Sunshine Plumbers use sophisticated technology to extract items quickly and safely from toilets. Instead of blindly fishing around the pipes and possibly damaging them, our plumbers use small video devices to pinpoint the exact location of the missing item! If the object is tightly lodged, then our plumbers will put their experience and expertise to work and disassemble and reassemble the toilet if necessary.

Need a Plumber?

If you cannot reach the item, or if the object has severely clogged the toilet, then don’t force it. Grab the phone and call Sunshine Plumbers to request a plumber’s assistance. We have you covered with everything from a simple retrieval or clogged toilet repair to a full toilet replacement.