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Why You Should Consider Repiping Your Home

Aug 13, 2022

Why You Should Consider Repiping Your Home

Have you been thinking about repiping your house lately? We know that it isn’t an easy decision but it sure is an important investment. If you have been considering repiping but aren’t sure, you are at the right address. In this article, we will go over some signs that show your house needs new pipes and some benefits of repiping.

Age of Your House

Is your house at least 50 years old? Most homes that are more than 50 years old haven’t had repiping ever since, this means that your piping system is very worn out. So, it is time to change it. In addition, if you are thinking about changing other parts of your plumbing system, it might be a good time to add repiping to that schedule as well.

Lead Pipes

Lead in our drinking sources and water we use on daily basis is a dangerous element. It is related to problems such as anemia, kidney and brain damage, hypertension, and even cardiological problems. Unfortunately, these health effects of lead weren’t known decades ago, so the lead was used frequently in house infrastructures. If your house is an old one and you know it has lead pipes, that means it is time to change them.

Low Water Pressure

This is a sign you need to watch out for because it can be an indicator of many plumbing problems. Since the water in your house is having difficulties when trying to move in the system, it can indicate two things: clog or corrosion. Both indicate damage in your pipes, but the extent of the damage may be hard to understand. So, the best choice would be to hire a professional plumber who can come and inspect your pipes and tell you whether you need pipe repair or repiping. 

Contaminated Water

Along with low water pressure, contaminated water is also a sign of a damaged plumbing system. If you have been seeing colored water when you turn on the faucet, this may indicate corrosion in your pipes which needs to be replaced immediately because of safety reasons. Another sign can be odd-tasting water and smelly water.


You probably know constant leaks are indicators of a weak plumbing system. It is normal to see leaks occasionally isn’t as dangerous, if you have been seeing many of them in many different locations of your house, this can indicate a problem with your entire plumbing system. Additionally, leaks have the nature of growing bigger and causing more expensive repairs if they are ignored. Therefore, repiping your house would save you from constant problems and expensive repairs in the long term.

Benefits of Repiping

Well, to start with, it is known that repiping boosts your home value so it is a wise investment in case you want to sell your house later. Another benefit is the quality of your water. Since you will be getting brand new pipes without damage and corrosion, the quality of your water will increase significantly. In addition, the problems you may be having regarding the pressure of the water and the color of the water will also go away. Finally, when you get brand new pipes without any leaks, you will be able to save water, and this can lower your water bills.

Professional Plumbing Services

If you decide to go on with the repiping process, you will need a professional team that is reliable. That’s the only way to ensure you got the job done right in the first place. Well, the professional plumbers of Sunshine Plumbers are ready to help you in this journey. For repiping or for any of your plumbing concerns, call our professional team today!