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Do Trees Break Sewer Lines?

Aug 06, 2022

Do Trees Break Sewer Lines?

As much as they are environment-friendly and have many benefits, trees can also become a threat to your property. As they start to grow, trees will need a larger and stronger support system to keep them upright and healthy. To access the water and nutrients they need to survive, the roots of the trees will spread over a vast area and take up a lot of space. If these deep-rooted trees are located anywhere near your plumbing system and sewer lines, they have a risk of causing damage to your pipes.

How Roots Affect Sewer Lines

Tree roots can detect the water and oxygen coming from pipes. Since they need this to survive, they will find a way to get to the pipes. If there is a broken or cracked pipe, the roots are likely to find their way through the cracks and into the pipe. As the tree develops, the roots develop, causing increasingly more harm to the pipe. This isn't something that can just happen to damaged pipes. Pipes that are in perfectly good condition can get damaged by tree roots as well. Unfortunately, when roots start to expand in pipes, they can cause blockages and even fractures in the pipe. You won’t be able to notice something has gone wrong until it’s become a serious problem. This can lead to needing a sewer line repair and constant plumber visits.

Signs of Root Damage on Pipes

There are different signs to look out for if you suspect that your pipes have been damaged. The signs can vary depending on the severity of the damage. Below are some signs that can let you know to prepare for sewer line repair.

  • Frequent unexplained clogs
  • Slow emptying drains and gurgling sounds
  • Abrupt change in water pressures
  • Sudden decrease in available water
  • Foul smells from the surrounding area
  • Unexpected increase in water bills

How to Prevent Sewer Line Damage

There are several things you can do to prevent tree roots from damaging your property.

  • For starters, make sure to keep up a regular schedule for inspection. This is crucial for detecting any upcoming problems that can potentially be serious issues later on. A professional plumber will be best suitable for this because they carry the necessary tools and experience needed for the job.
  • The next thing to do is to cut any roots you see that are invading your sewer system. Although this isn’t a permanent solution, it saves enough time for you to formulate a plan to save your sewer system before it’s too late.
  • Another way to get rid of the roots of invasive trees is to poison them. This method is a copper sulfate treatment, which involves poisoning the soil around the pipes to prevent the roots from growing back. This only harms the roots around the tree, not the tree itself, so it can continue to grow in a different direction to get its nutrients. This treatment needs regular maintenance, so it’s recommended to call a professional.
  • Your pipe having cracks can lead to several problems. To block the entry of intruding roots, you can line your pipe. Pipelining is when durable plastic is installed within your pipe to block the roots from entering in any way.

Act Now

Now you know the dangers of root damage to your pipes and what to look out for on your property. If you notice any warning signs, start calling Sunshine Plumbers. We’ll know what to do in high-stress situations like these and can work under pressure. To start saving more money, call us today.