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Why Is There No Water in My Toilet Tank?

Mar 27, 2022

Why Is There No Water in My Toilet Tank?

You may realize that there is little to no water in your toilet tank. If this happens, there are several explanations. Luckily, the solutions are easy as well. If you don’t want to handle the issue by yourself, Sunshine Plumbers can send a professional plumber for your toilet repair.

Common Reasons

There are a few ways you can fix your toilet tank easily. The first can be that the float ball needs to be fixed or replaced. The floating ball regulates water levels inside the tank. If you notice the water level is low, gently lift the float arm upward. Water will slowly flow through until it reaches a certain level. If the ball stays afloat, your problem is fixed. However, if you notice the ball has sunk, it can’t be used anymore and should be replaced.

Newer toilets have float cups instead of float balls. For toilets with float cup fill valves, you can try adjusting the fill valve to allow the toilet tank to fill again. The fill valve controls the water flow that refills the tank after you flush. The float cup is attached by a plastic mechanism or a metal spring clip to a rod that controls the fill valve. Your first step should be to find that plastic mechanism and turn it to raise or lower the float cup. To raise or lower the water level, adjust the cup accordingly. Keep adjusting until the water level is back to normal. There are several different types of tank mechanisms. Float cups with fill valves is the most modern one. Your toilet could also have a plastic diaphragm ballcock/float valve. On this mechanism, there is an adjustment screw that adjusts the height of the float ball and rod. While working with this mechanism, turn the screw at the top of the valve with a screwdriver. Turning the screw clockwise lowers the water level, and turning it counterclockwise raises the water level. Continue to adjust until you have the proper water level inside your tank. For more solutions on different mechanisms, call for Sunshine Plumbers toilet repair.

Another problem may be from the trip assembly. It connects the flush handle to the tank and may need a replacement if not functioning properly or damaged. To replace your flush lever, lift the lid off your toilet tank. Next, disassemble the chain from the tank lever and use your pliers to turn the nut to take it off. After the nut is off, remove the old lever to reinstall the new one. After placing the new lever in its place on the toilet tank, secure the nut over it and reinstall the chain to the lever as well. It’s as simple as that to replace your toilet lever.

If you’re looking for an affordable plumber to help you out with the tasks above, Sunshine Plumbers is here for you. With a quick visit to your toilet, we can be done with the job and gone in no time. If you’re looking for a trusting company that knows how to handle its business, call Sunshine Plumbers.