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3 Basic Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Mar 21, 2022

3 Basic Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Every homeowner can have plumbing issues every now and then. You can avoid issues like leaks, broken or rusted pipes, clogs, and other problems by learning some plumbing maintenance tips. If you maintain your plumbing system regularly, it is guaranteed to have a longer, healthier lifespan.

Be Careful of What Goes Down Your Toilet Bowl

The only thing that should be going down is bodily waste and toilet paper. Anything besides those should be deposited elsewhere. If you need to throw out other types of waste like plastic or sanitary products, they should be going in a trash can. Find a bin in your house that can be used for trash or go buy one if you don’t own any. Spending money on a new trash bin will save you more than a plumbing repair service. Flushing down other materials can cause clogs and blockage in your toilet. If using a plunger doesn’t fix the issue, then using hot water and soap may help. Fill the bowl with as much hot water as possible and pour a good amount of soap in. this mixture can help break down the clogs. What if the water in your toilet bowl looks like it’s slowly rising? If you feel like your toilet may overflow, open the tank, and push the valve down. This can buy you some time to call for a plumbing repair service if necessary.

Cleaning Your Showerhead

You might think the showerhead only comes into contact with soap and water that it would be cleaning itself. Unfortunately, this is not enough. Minerals in the hard water can build up around your showerhead and create blockages in which water cannot pass through. You can identify which holes in your showerhead are affected by turning on the water and looking at which holes are blocked. You can make a mixture containing vinegar, baking soda, and water to clean out the clogged holes. Start by placing a gallon-size plastic bag in a container and pour about ½ cup of baking soda into the plastic bag. Then, slowly pour the vinegar in as well. You will see a bubbly reaction form so you must pour in the vinegar slowly or else it might overflow. After that is done, you can add in a cup of water. When diluting your showerhead, carefully try to tie the plastic bag around your showerhead. Allow the showerhead to stay in the mixture for a few hours, maybe even overnight. Once you remove the plastic bag, clean any residue remaining around the showerhead and open the water to see if all the clogged holes are now open.

Inspect For Leaks

Many causes of leaks don’t happen at once. They usually show signs beforehand that you can catch on to if you inspect your pipes regularly. Rust, warping, and condensation on your pipes can all be signs of leaks. You should contact a nearby plumber if you notice any signs. Sunshine Plumbers have the professionals qualified for this job. You rely on your plumbing system regularly, so it’s only fair to maintain it regularly as well.