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Why Is My Plumbing Making Noise?

Jul 22, 2023

Why Is My Plumbing Making Noise?

It’s only natural for us to hear certain sounds of plumbing system when you flush the toilet or turn on the dishwasher. However, other sounds shouldn’t be normalized. Many of these sounds can be annoying and scary for some people. Additionally, these sounds can also be the indicator of some serious plumbing issues. There are more than one type of noise and in this article, we will try to go over what these sounds are and what each one of them means.

Banging Noise

Typical banging sound comes from water pressure. This phenomenon is called water hammer and it happens when a water valve is abruptly shut off. Due to the energy and the momentum that occurs, when it hits a closed-off valve point, it creates a banging like sound. Another reason behind the banging sound may be because of the air that is trapped inside the pipes. The way to make sure the banging roots from air trapped inside the pipes is through testing if the sounds start immediately after the faucet is turned on.

Rattling Noise

When water passes through your pipes under great pressure, some pipes can move a little bit. Normally, to prevent the pipes from moving a lot during this process, the pipes must be fastened securely in its place. If you hear the rattling sound, that means they aren’t securely fastened. For this case, fastening the pipes in their places can significantly reduce the noise and prevent any harm to the joints of the pipes. However, this procedure can be a little hard considering how the plumbing system is entirely behind the wall and how a very invasive procedure is needed. If you are hearing rattling sounds, you can call a professional plumber and see if the pipes need to be resecured.

Humming Noise

When the water pressure in your home’s plumbing system is too high, vibration may occur; and when you run the water this vibration may cause you to hear a sound close to a hum. This occurs more frequently in homes that get their water from well. Make sure the water pressure is lower than 55 pound-force per square inch. If you hear the humming sound but don’t have a water pressure meter, contact a local plumber.

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