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Plumbing Terminology Every Homeowner Should Know

Jul 31, 2023

Plumbing Terminology Every Homeowner Should Know

Often, homeowners try to describe a problem to a plumbing service, but because they don’t know the terminology, the process takes longer and becomes more effortful. To quickly identify and solve the problem, knowing the terminology will be of great help. That’s why throughout this article, we will go through the common terminology every homeowner should know, the importance of an experienced plumbing service, and how Sunshine Plumbers can help. Let’s start learning.

Common Terminology

Learning some terminologies will save you time and energy. Let’s go over some of them:

  • Supply Line: this is the pipe that carries the water to all the fixtures
  • Fixture: this a general term used to describe any unit which provides water, like sinks, baths, and toilets
  • Branch: this is the secondary part of the draining system
  • Gray Water: this is the name for any waste coming from the residential waters, not the toilet.
  • Power Flush System: this is the system that compresses the water to make it pressurized
  • Septic Tank: this system is seen in homes without a sewage pipe. It collects their water and bacteria.
  • Vent: this is a pipe that allows air into a drain system.
  • Nipple: a nipple is a short pipe used to connect couplings.
  • PVC: a plastic pipe type used for drainage and waste systems
  • Water Closet: a terminology used for toilets and WCs.
  • Trap: the curved section of a drain line preventing odors from entering your house. Toilets have an "S" trap, while all other fixtures have a "P" trap.
  • Water Hammer: a noise you hear when a pipe turns on or off. The sudden action causes the noise.
  • Escutcheon: the protective cover under the faucet handle that is important for surrounding the holes in the wall.

The Importance of An Experienced Plumbing Service

Homeowners face so many tiring and time-consuming problems, one of which is plumbing. While many people are hesitant to work with a professional because it is costly, they don’t consider the benefits that these services bring in the long term. Professional plumbers are trained and experienced with common plumbing problems. With their experience, they will save you time and prevent the recurrence of the same event, which will save you money. With their modern equipment, they ensure that you will not face the damage you might have if you didn’t consult with a professional. Learn more about the benefits of working with a plumbing service by calling Sunshine Plumbers.

Sunshine Plumbers, The Trustworthy Service At Your Community

This article aimed to introduce new terminology for every homeowner and listed their benefits. As we look at the importance of an experienced plumbing service, we can understand that some plumbing problems are more complex than usual. So, to fully identify them and permanently solve these problems, an experienced service is crucial. Thankfully, we are here focused and motivated to help you. With our experienced plumbers, timely service, and amazing customer service, plumbing services have never been easier. Call us today to learn more about us and our services, or get estimates for your plumbing needs.