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Why Is My Sump Pump Running Without Rain?

Jan 13, 2023

Why Is My Sump Pump Running Without Rain?

A sump pump is meant to be a convenience, not a nuisance. If your sump pump is running constantly, through sunshine and rain, then there is probably an issue with the system. A continuously running sump pump can waste energy, wear out its motor, and expire prematurely. In this brief article brought to you by Sunshine Plumbers, we will review some possible reasons why your sump pump is continuously running. If you need a uniformed plumber to take care of your sump pump repair, then feel free to call Sunshine Plumbers. We are proud to serve the Tampa, FL area as well as most surrounding cities.

How the Sump Pump Works

A sump pump is a submersible device installed within a pit at the lowest point in your building, which is usually the basement. Excess moisture and water in and around the basement will flow into the sump pit and activate the sump pump when the water level reaches a pre-defined level. While active, the device pumps water out of the pit through a discharge pipe and away from your property. When the water in the sump pit empties back down to a safe level, the sump pump stops running.

Common Reasons Why Sump Pump Runs Constantly

A sump pump is not supposed to run non-stop. If your sump pump is running constantly, then there is either a flaw in the installation or a fault in one or more components. Here are some common reasons why a sump pump might work overtime:

  • Defective Float Switch: The float switch is a lightweight component designed to float on the water in the sump pit. When the float switch rises to a pre-determined level, it signals to activate the sump pump. As water is pumped out of the sump pit, the float switch drops back toward its original level and stops the sump pump. If the float switch is stuck, damaged, or faulty, then it can cause the sump pump to run continuously.
  • Faulty Check Valve: Your sump pump works AGAINST gravity by pumping water upward. Fortunately, it is not on its own. A check valve installed within the discharge pipe is a one-way valve that allows water out but prevents water from coming down. Without a functional check valve, the water will continuously go up and down the discharge pipe, forcing your sump pump to work non-stop.
  • Clogged Discharge Pipe: Dirt and debris can make its way into the discharge pipe and restrict the flow of water. The sump pump will not be able to detect the blockage and will constantly try to pump out the water to no avail.
  • Undersized Sump Pump: The sump pump should be sized to be compatible with the dimensions of the sump pit and discharge pipe.

Caring for Your Sump Pump

Get in the habit of inspecting, cleaning, and testing your sump pump regularly. If you notice anything unusual or concerning, then call Sunshine Plumbers in Tampa to have a uniformed plumber inspect your unit and/or handle a sump pump repair as soon as possible.