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Why Chemical Drain Cleaners Are a Bad Idea

Apr 23, 2022

Why Chemical Drain Cleaners Are a Bad Idea

If you have a clogged drain at home, you might look for easy ways to get rid of the clog. There are many ways to fix the problem and using chemical drain cleaners is not one of them. Drain cleaning with chemicals will do more harm than help fix the problem. Here’s why you’re better off not using chemical drain cleaners and some plumber techniques that can help with your clog instead.

How Chemical Drain Cleaners Work

There are different types of chemical drain cleaners, which are used based on the clog. Caustic drain cleaners are used for clogs with greases, typically found in kitchen sinks, by giving electrons to the substances and creating a chemical reaction that causes the clog to thin. Oxidizing drain cleaners take electrons from substances instead of giving them and are used by combining with water to dissolve the clog. Caustic and oxidizing drain cleaners are used for general clogs. There are also acidic drain cleaners, however, these are used in extreme situations.

Reasons To Stop Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

While chemical drain cleaners may seem convenient and easy to clear up a clog, they can cause greater damage to your plumbing system. First off, they can be extremely damaging to your pipes. Chemical drain cleaners emit a lot of heat while undergoing the chemical reactions necessary to clear out your clog. There is no selection happening between the melting of good and bad substances. While the hair and dirt may get cleaned, your plastics and pipes may get damaged during drain cleaning as well. Secondly, they are also very harmful to the environment. The active agents in chemical cleaners make their way into the public water system and also release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, which can also be a threat to your health. Additionally, chemical drain cleaners are damaging to septic tanks as well. The chemicals kill off useful bacteria that help break waste in septic tanks. So, gathering all this information, it is clear to see that chemical drain cleaners are more harmful than they seem. If you have been using these products, you can call a skillful plumber from Sunshine Plumbers to examine your pipes and seals in the area they were used.

Alternatives For Chemical Drain Cleaning

There are safer ways to clean out your clogs without causing unwanted damage to your plumbing system or environment. One method of clearing out clogs is by using basic kitchen ingredients: baking soda and vinegar. Start by pouring down the baking soda, then the vinegar down the drain, and let them sit overnight. This will help to dissolve the substances clogging the drain. Next, wash it out with hot water to clear out your drain. Other ways to clear out a clog are by using a plunger or a drain snake. If you need a hand in cleaning your drain or removing a clog, call Sunshine Plumbers. Our specialists have the updated technology and methods needed to work efficiently and safely, finishing off their job with no hardships. Stay clear of intoxicating chemicals damaging your health and plumbing system, and instead use these safer alternatives to get the job done.