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What to Do if Your Tap Has Rusty Water

Jan 18, 2022

What To Do If Your Tap Has Rusty Water

If you have ever opened a tap in your home and found the water brown, you probably know how shocking it can be. While rusty water doesn't necessarily pose a risk to your wellbeing, it's disturbing, and that's why Sunshine Plumbers recommends scheduling regular plumbing repair service. Seeing water from your faucets suddenly turn rusty can be traumatizing, and that's why our professional plumbers can help you maintain clean water in their homes.

There are many reasons why water turns brownish or reddish, the most common one being mineral sediments that have built up in your plumbing. Manganese and iron are usually the minerals responsible for discoloration and infiltrating your water stream via artificial or natural sources. If this problem is not dealt with in time, you risk your water's unpleasant smell and taste. When you onboard Sunshine Plumbers for plumbing repair service, these problems are avoided before they become more pronounced.

Is Rusty Water Contaminated?

While iron and manganese are common causes of water discoloration, other minerals can lead to severe health complications. That's why Sunshine Plumbers adheres to the EPA water treatment regulations when dealing with harmful contaminants like arsenic and lead. There are two standards of water treatment: primary and secondary.

The primary standards cover harmful contaminants like lead, and the secondary standards cover less harmful contaminants like manganese. Rusty water has a lot of disadvantages, from causing skin rashes to staining your laundry, and that's why you should have the experienced plumbers from Sunshine Plumbers take a look at your plumbing regularly.

Why Water Turns Brown

Many reasons result in discoloration, and homeowners are advised to familiarize themselves with the signs of a failing plumbing system to diagnose the problem. Here are some scenarios suggested by our plumbers to help you diagnose the problem before reaching out to Sunshine Plumbers.

If all your cold and hot water suddenly turn brown

If both your cold and hot water is discolored, it can be a break in your local water main or fire hydrant. While this can be unsettling, it's not your fault. Most of the plumbing in the country is outdated, making it more susceptible to breaks that release sediments into the water. It can also be caused by corroded or rusty water lines or water heaters, meaning you are due to plumbing repair service.

The first thing you should do is onboard the expert plumbers from Sunshine Plumbers to conduct maintenance on your plumbing. We'll be able to replace any corroded lines, restoring your water to its usual clarity.

If only your hot water is discolored

Water heaters tend to accumulate mineral deposits, compromising efficiency and performance. Sunshine Plumbers can help you correct this problem by flushing your water heater to prevent further deterioration of your unit. Our plumbers can diagnose the issues and recommend the most effective solution: repairing or replacing your water heater tank. It's advisable to flush your water heater to avoid permanent damage regularly or explode in the worst-case scenario. Contact us today and schedule an appointment with the experts.