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What Should You Do If Your Toilet Overflows?

Dec 29, 2021

What Should You Do If Your Toilet Overflows?

There's nothing more alarming than flushing your toilet, only to see the water start to rise. Every homeowner dreads the day they experience an overflowing toilet, especially with all the mess that needs to be cleaned. This can be overwhelming for one person to handle, and that's why Sunshine Plumbers ensure you have access to experienced professionals who provide a range of services from a clogged toilet fix to plumbing lines repairs and replacements. Our plumbers have the skill and knowledge needed to deal with an overflowing toilet, mitigating any potential water damage.
Toilet overflows occur at the least convenient time, making Sunshine Plumbers your go-to emergency plumbing service provider. We have a dedicated team of plumbers who deal with commercial and residential plumbing, saving you the frustration caused by wastewater backup. Most people are unaware of what needs to be done during such emergencies, and that's why it's important to be proactive rather than panic. Having the right information goes a long way in ensuring you minimize the extent of damage and cleanup. If your toilet overflows, you need to:

Turn Off the Water Supply

Turning off the water supply pipe to your home can minimize the overflow situation from becoming worse. The first step is to find the shut-off valve, which is usually located at the toilet's base. If you cannot detect the shut-off valve, you can manually stop water flow by lifting the float ball inside the toilet tank.
Once you ensure that the float ball is high enough and water is no longer flowing in, it is time to onboard the experts at Sunshine Plumbers. Our professional plumbers will assess the extent of damage and determine the root cause of the overflow before taking the necessary steps for a durable clogged toilet fix.

Avoid Flushing Your Toilet Repeatedly

Although flushing your toilet to reduce the amount of water may make a lot of sense, DON'T! Flushing your toilet is not advisable, especially if you have experienced another overflow problem in the past. Several things cause water to overflow, and flushing your toilet can make it worse. The experts at Sunshine Plumbers have experience dealing with toilet overflows, regardless of whether it's caused by a clogged pipe or backed-up septic tank. It is advisable to schedule regular maintenance to mitigate future plumbing problems.

The Importance of Cleaning up Toilet Overflow

After dealing with the inconvenience and frustration of an overflowing toilet, the last thing you want to hear is clean up. However, black water contains many viruses and bacteria that cause diseases like cholera, typhoid, and hepatitis. If you are handling the cleaning, it's advisable to use diluted bleach and detergent. You can also contract qualified plumbers for top-notch plumbing and cleaning services.
Delaying clean up only increases damage, and that's why Sunshine Plumbers is dedicated to helping you restore your indoor space to its conducive state. We ensure that all the wastewater has been removed, minimizing structural damage and mold growth. Contact us today for exceptional plumbing services at competitive market prices.