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Ways to Conserve Water

Jun 05, 2022

Ways to Conserve Water

With everything that the environment supplies us, it’s important to know how to nicely treat it back. The easiest way to do this is by conserving water. From the moment we wake up to wash our face until our showers at night before we go to bed, we consume water in many different ways. Sunshine Plumbers can show you simple ways to conserve water that you can do in your everyday life. Take the initiative to form water-conserving habits now so that you can be someone who has an impact on the climate as well.

Your Turn

Follow these simple water-conserving habits every day to help out the environment.

  • Turn Off Faucets – Remind yourself to shut the faucet while doing dishes, applying soap to your hands, and brushing your teeth. We often don’t realize how much water is wasted when performing these tasks. You may think a couple of seconds won’t do any harm, but following this routine every day leads to more damage than you could imagine.
  • Take Quick Showers – On average, people use five to ten gallons per shower. Try your best to speed up your washing routine and limit your time by challenging yourself to finish faster. It could be helpful to gradually lower your shower time. For example, if you normally take 45 minutes in the shower, try lowering it to 30 minutes first, then proceed to lower it as much as you can over time.
  • Check For Leaks – Try the food coloring trick on your toilet. Open the tank and place a few drops inside, then wait for about 10-15 minutes. when you return, if the food coloring appears inside the toilet bowl, then it’s proof that you have a leak. This can waste hundreds of gallons of water per day. Call Sunshine Plumbers for a plumbing repair service and we’ll send a professional plumber to fix your leaks.
  • Washing Machine Tips – If you have not yet done so, invest in a high-efficiency washing machine. With the new technology available, a high-efficiency washing machine is able to reduce the gallons of water used from 54 to 7 gallons per cycle. Additionally, try to always wash with a full load. This way, you will be able to wash more with less water wasted. Instead of washing with half a load, keep the clothes in the hamper a while longer until you have enough to make a full load.
  • Water Your Yard Only When Needed – Most of the time, the rain does the job. If you regularly water your lawn, try watering it only if it’s necessary. Overwatering can be harmful to both the plant and the environment. Too much water can lead to the loss of nutrients in the soil. Shortly, overwatering is a lose-lose situation that does not have any benefits.

Call Sunshine Plumbers

Even a small contribution can cause a great impact on helping the environment. Along with the actions listed above, there are many other everyday activities you can limit the use of water in that are easy to do. Some might require the help of a plumber, but no need to worry. Sunshine Plumbers has immaculate plumbing repair services that show great results in no time. Call or schedule an appointment for your next plumbing repair.