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Tools You Need for Clogged Drain Cleaning

Dec 10, 2021

Tools You Need for Clogged Drain Cleaning

Toilet clogs and backups are a common issue for homeowners everywhere. But that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. Even if a toilet bowl blockage isn’t something you have to handle very often, it’s important to stay prepared. You never know when you could end up struggling with a flooded bathroom floor. At Sunshine Plumbers of Tampa, Florida, our experienced plumbers help local customers find ways to take care of their stubborn pipes and dysfunctional fixtures. Here are some tips on how you can keep your toilet in working order and which tools you should keep on hand to make the task as simple as possible.

Toilet Plunger

Toilet plungers are often bell-shaped. They have a smaller suction cup inside, which is designed to fit inside the narrow part of the toilet bowl. If your toilet is backing up, place this simple tool inside the bowl and push it up and down with the stick. It will force air into the drain and hopefully force the blockage further into the sewer line.

Sink Plunger

A sink plunger has a flat base that is perfect for positioning over a drain inside a sink or bathtub. If you are experiencing a backup inside your tub, shower, or bathroom sink, then this is the plunger you should reach for. Never use a toilet plunger in areas other than your toilet. This causes cross-contamination and can expose your loved ones to harmful, disease-causing bacteria. Make sure others in your household know which plunger to use in an emergency.

Plumbing Auger

Plumbing augers, also known as snakes, are a more advanced tool, but they can be purchased at any local hardware store. Augers can help snag any items that may block the flow of water inside your pipes and allow you to pull it out and discard it. This can be a messy task, so be sure to wear gloves and keep a wastebasket nearby for proper disposal. These take a bit more skill to implement successfully.

Large Bucket

It’s also a good idea to keep a bucket somewhere handy in your home. A quality five-gallon plastic bucket is cheap and relatively sturdy. They can be used for various plumbing tasks but are essential for removing clogs. Make sure to sanitize well after use to avoid spreading unwanted germs.

Natural Cleaning Supplies

Many people are inclined to instantly toss a gallon of drain cleaner into their toilets or sinks when a clog arises. Unfortunately, this is not the best practice. These chemical cleaners include some very harsh ingredients that can harm your pipes and fixtures over time. They can also cause significant issues for households with septic tanks. Instead, keep your cabinets prepped with alternatives like vinegar, baking soda, and products that use natural ingredients.

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Does it feel like you’re constantly panicking over clogs and backups? While the occasional clog is typical and not cause for worry, recurring blockages are likely a warning sign of more complicated plumbing issues. Call Sunshine Plumbers of Tampa, FL, and schedule your next inspection, pipe repair, or clogged drain cleaning service.