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Things You Should Never Flush Down Your Toilet

Jun 23, 2023

Things You Should Never Flush Down Your Toilet

We rely largely on the performance of our toilets as homeowners. It's remarkable, though, how frequently we undervalue the significance of what goes down the drain. There are some things that should never be flushed, despite the fact that the toilet could appear like a simple disposal method.

In this blog post, our professionals from Sunshine Plumbers will go through the top items you should avoid flushing down the toilet to protect your plumbing system and avoid the need for costly toilet repairs. Remember, when it comes to maintaining a healthy plumbing system, prevention is always better than cure.

Non-Biodegradable Items

When it comes to toilet-related plumbing concerns, non-biodegradable materials may be the most frequent offenders. These materials can clog and block your pipes since they do not decompose easily. Examples include feminine hygiene items, cotton balls, paper towels, baby wipes, and dental floss. It's advisable to discard them in the garbage even if the packaging indicates that they can be flushed. These things can build up and cause major plumbing issues, necessitating the help of a qualified plumber to fix the situation.


Although flushing pills down the toilet might seem like an easy method to get rid of them, doing so can have negative effects. Pharmaceutical substances have the potential to pollute water supplies and endanger aquatic life. It is preferable to bring unused or expired prescriptions to a nearby pharmacy or adhere to local authorities' disposal recommendations for proper disposal. By doing this, you not only defend the environment but also shield your plumbing system from possible harm.

Grease, Oil, & Fat

Never dump grease, oil, or fat down the toilet or any other drain. These compounds solidify and adhere to the inside of your pipes when they cool, slowly accumulating and reducing water flow. This over time can cause clogs and blockages that need to be fixed by qualified plumbers in Greater Carrollwood. Grease and oil should be collected in a container after cooling rather than flushed down the toilet. This will ensure proper garbage disposal.


Even though it might seem safe, flushing hair down the toilet might cause plumbing issues. Because hair is difficult to degrade, it can clog your pipes. The best course of action is to gather hair and dispose of it in the garbage. You may also think about utilizing drain plugs to catch loose hair before it enters your plumbing system. By following these easy preventive steps, you can avoid a future toilet repair.

Chemicals & Cleaning Products

Never flush chemicals or cleaning supplies down the toilet. These pollutants can corrode pipes in your plumbing system and cause leaks. Follow the manufacturer's instructions or get advice from your neighborhood hazardous waste disposal center if you need to dispose of chemicals or cleaning products properly.


Responsible flushing practices are the first step to safeguarding your plumbing system and preventing expensive toilet repairs. You can avoid clogs, blockages, and possible pipe damage by resisting the urge to flush non-biodegradable goods, drugs, grease, oil, fat, hair, and chemicals down the toilet. When in doubt, remember to throw these things away in the garbage or ask your neighborhood plumbing service for advice on how to properly dispose of waste. By following these simple instructions, you may keep your plumbing system in good shape and use your toilet without incident for many years to come.