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Pros and Cons of Bathtub-to-Shower Conversions

Mar 01, 2023

Pros and Cons of Bathtub-to-Shower Conversions

A bathtub-to-shower conversion is one of the most common bathroom remodeling projects that can transform the space immensely. Whether you’re tired of that chipped and dull-looking bathtub or your current bathroom no longer fits your needs, converting your bathtub to a shower can be a wise investment. While we can’t decide for you, we can highlight the key things you need to know about tub-to-shower conversion so you can make an informed decision.

Advantages of a Bathtub-To-Shower Conversion

  • A Shower Takes Up Less Space than a Tub

If you have a smaller bathroom and feel as though your bathtub is taking up most of the space in your bathroom, converting it to a shower makes a lot of sense. Installing a walk-in shower instead of a bulky tub can greatly increase the space of your bathing area.

  • A Modern Shower Becomes Your Bathroom’s Focal Point

In reality, most old bathtubs are bulky, outdated fixtures that can be a big eyesore, especially if they are stained and chipped. On the other hand, a modern shower that is beautifully designed with glass doors, mosaic tiles, and a rainfall showerhead can transform your bathroom into a focal point. Shower products are available in a wide range of options. Therefore, you can design your shower to suit your personal taste, taking into account the design of your home and bathroom.

  • You’ll Save Money on Your Water Bill

A shower saves you hundreds of dollars a year on your water bill. A standard showerhead flows at a rate of 2.1-2.5 gallons per minute, which means that an eight-minute shower only uses between 16.8 to 20 gallons of water. On the other hand, a full bathtub can use up to 50 gallons of water. If you’re looking to save money on your water bill, a bathtub-to-shower conversion makes sense.

  • A Walk-In Shower Is More Accessible Compared To A Bathtub

Bathtubs can be a tripping hazard for older people and those with mobility issues. Moreover, getting in and out of a bathtub can be difficult for older homeowners. If there are older adults or people with mobility issues living in your home, converting your tub to a shower can greatly improve their safety.

Downsides of a Bathtub-To-Shower Conversion

  • A bathtub may not be a good option for those with small children
  • A tub-to-shower conversion may involve changing the bathroom layout, which can make the whole remodeling project expensive

Final Thoughts

Both tubs and showers come with pros and cons. In the end, it’s really up to you and what your needs are. Some of the critical things you’ll want to consider as you make your final decision include your daily habits, the bathroom design, and the impact of the project on your home’s value.

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