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Importance of Pipe Descaling

Jul 24, 2022

Importance of Pipe Descaling

Pipe descaling is a method used to remove accumulated rust and minerals from the walls of pipes. When pipes develop layers of rust and mineral deposits, they tend to gather up solids and grease as they pass through pipes. Over time, this can lead up to the buildup of grease, rust, and solids, blocking the path of drainage and water flowing through the pipes. Having a plumber work on pipe descaling for the pipes in your business or household every year should allow your pipes to stay healthier and increase their longevity.

Why Scale Needs to Be Removed

Scale blocks the flow of water and waste through your pipes. If scale builds up in your pipes, you may not be able to receive the water you use for daily tasks such as washing your hands. the water coming from the faucets can be little to none because of the blockage inside the pipes. If the scale buildup is in your sewer lines, there can be backups in your drains. If things get worse, you may even need pipe repair.

How Pipe Descaling Works

A nearby plumber will come to inspect your pipe to see how much scale buildup it has. Depending on the amount and severity of the buildup, they can use different methods to clear out the blockage. The first method they can use is called hydro jetting. It involves the use of high-water pressure being pushed out through a hose that’s inserted inside the pipe. By using high-pressure water, plumbers can remove debris, clogs, and buildup that’s hard to reach.

Another method is called chemical descaling. It’s generally used in situations where hydro jetting is impractical and can be harmful to the pipes. It’s also better to use for buildups that aren’t so severe. An acidic solution is used to break the blockage, flowing, and taking the debris with it after breaking it apart.

Benefits of Pipe Descaling

  • Elimination of Clogs – Over time, debris and mineral deposits can build up and cause clogs and blockages in your pipes. Even tree roots can weave their way through pipes, continuing their growth inside. If they grow enough, they can seriously damage the pipes, causing the need for pipe repair. Having your pipe cleaned out saves you from damage to the pipes and clears out clogs that can cause slow drains.
  • Prevents Bad Odors – The build-up of several substances inside the pipes doesn’t exclude waste. When waste is trapped in a clog inside the plumbing pipes, the bad smell can trail inside the house as well. Since you can’t reach the pipes and get them cleared without professional help, you’ll have to call Sunshine Plumbers for assistance if you want the smell to go away.
  • Reduce Mold and Bacteria – When clogs and buildup form in pipes, they can likely cause backups too. With more standing water and puddles forming in sinks and toilets, it forms an environment for pathogens to flourish. By having your pipes descaled, you can prevent the chance of seeing mold growth in your pipes and sinks.

Call Us for Your Next Pipe Descaling

A responsible householder should check up on their plumbing system at least once a year. By keeping up maintenance, you can realize if there’s scale forming or if your pipes need repair. If you notice any rust layers over or inside your pipes, call Sunshine Plumbers for a pipe descaling. Have a healthy plumbing system to reduce any uncomfortable situations you will want to avoid.