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How to Clear a Clogged Shower Drain

Feb 26, 2022

How to Clear a Clogged Shower Drain

Everyone showers. For some it might be every day, for others, it might be a few times per week, but we all actively use our showers. This is why it would be terrible to have your shower drain clogged with hair and soap residue. While showering, you may start to smell an irritating odor or realize that the water is draining slowly. These are indications of needing a drain cleaning service. Trust Sunshine Plumbers’ plumbing service to help you unclog your drain and allow you to have clean, smooth showers.

Reasons For a Clog

How does your shower drain become clogged in the first place? How do the debris build up to a point where water gets harder to pass through? There are a few reasons, starting with soap. Soaps contain fats and waxes which are liable to gather up with hair and other minerals. Every time you shower, a small portion of your hair detaches from your head and washes down the drain. These hairs then build up in your drain. A way of attempting to prevent the clog would be to gather up any remaining hair you see after the shower and throw it away. Minerals coming from your hard water, dirt, and even tree roots can be the cause of a clog. Call a trusted plumber from Sunshine Plumbers if you ever need drain cleaning for your showers.

Ways to Unclog Your Drain

First, check your drain for anything that is clearly visible and blocking your drain. It might be a clump of hair or your shower stopper getting in the way. After you’ve double-checked and made sure these visible blockers aren’t in the way of anything and your water still seems to be draining slowly, it means it’s time to unclog.

  • Use your hands—Be sure to use gloves. Drain all the water and unscrew the drain. Reach out your hand and pick up as much debris as you can. If your hand doesn’t reach or you can’t get it out, try other methods.
  • Boiling water—Pouring boiling water down your drain can be a simple method to get rid of your clog. The hot water can allow the built-up debris to dissolve and clean your drain. If the water fails to sink down the drain, this means the dissolving is not working, therefore leaving you to try something else to get rid of the clog.
  • Baking soda and vinegar—Another simple method to try out is pouring baking soda down the drain along with vinegar. After pouring them down, close the drain and wait for about an hour before rinsing with boiling water. See if the chemical was able to break down any of the clogged debris.
  • Drain Snake—A drain snake is a flexible drilling tool you can use to break up or pull out whatever is clogging your drains. There is a metal wire attached which you can put down the drain and pull out the debris.
  • Plumber—If you have tried many different methods and have not reached a solution, it is best to call an experienced plumber. The plumbing service at Sunshine Plumbers has workers that know what they’re doing and are confident in doing so.

Maintenance is always important and necessary. We have the technology and tools needed to handle your shower drains and give you satisfactory service. Sunshine Plumbers will be happy to help.