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Airlock in Waste Pipe? Here’s What to Do

Jul 09, 2022

Airlock in Waste Pipe? Here’s What to Do

Are you noticing your water draining slower than usual? Or maybe your toilet takes a while to flush. These might be signs of an airlock in your pipes. The main cause of an airlock is when the flow of water is blocked by pockets of air trapped in the pipes. It’s mainly hot water pipes that are affected by this issue because they have more pressure compared to cold water pipes. Repeated heating of the water can also cause airlocks because the constant evaporation of water may be hard to escape the pipes. All these are situations you can encounter; however, you should be sure that you’re dealing with an airlock first. So how do you do that?

Signs of an Airlock

Here are a few signs to look out for if you feel like you might have an airlock in your pipes.

  • Knocking sounds coming from pipes
  • Low water pressure and abnormal behavior like sputtering water
  • Rusting or corrosion
  • Cold water runs smoothly but hot water sputters

Don’t hesitate to call an emergency plumber for problems like this. They are much more experienced and can inform you on what to do and how to prevent airlocks from happening again. You may even need a pipe repair if the problem is serious, so it’s always good to have someone that knows what they’re doing by your side. Call Sunshine Plumbers today to arrange an appointment with a plumber.

How to Clear an Airlock

There are two ways to remove an airlock from a hot water system. You’ll need a hose pipe and some duct tape for the first method. Use these materials to connect your hot water tap outlet to your cold water tap. Place the hose pipe in the open ends of where the water comes out and use duct tape to keep them in place. Turn the hot water tap on, then turn on the cold water tap and let it run for a few seconds before turning it off. Check to see if hot water is running in another room. Repeat the process until hot water is successfully flowing through your tap.

If the hot water isn’t working with the hose pipe method, it’s time to try something else. Turn off the main water supply and turn on all the taps in the house and wait for the water to stop flowing. Turn your taps to a point where there’s still a little bit of water that can flow through and flush all the toilets until there’s no water left in the toilet bowl. Turn the water supply back on and allow the tap water to run again. This method releases any trapped air out of the pipes and allows the hot water to flow again. If you still can’t get the hot water to run afterward, call a professional to check on your tap. There may be something wrong with your pipes so the plumber may recommend pipe repair.

Contact the Professionals

If you have any problems regarding your plumbing system, call Sunshine Plumbers. Our tedious and detailed work will have us out of your house in no time, having finished the job with complete accuracy. The next time you stumble upon an airlock, follow the two methods above and call for help if necessary. We’re always here to assist you.