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5 Important Winter Plumbing Tips

Nov 12, 2022

5 Important Winter Plumbing Tips

We’re not the only ones feeling the pain of the winter cold. Plumbing systems are also affected. Pipes and plumbing fixtures can experience short-term inconveniences, long-term damage, or sudden destruction. Your friends at Sunshine Plumbers put together this article with some tips on how to protect your plumbing system from unnecessary repairs this winter and get the most comfort for your buck. Feel free to call Sunshine Plumbers any time if you need a uniformed and experienced plumber. We offer a host of plumbing services including clogged drain cleaning, pipe repairs, and replacements.

1: Bring in Your Outdoor Hose

Let’s face it: you’re not going to be using the outdoor hose through the winter. The outdoor hose is often the first victim to freezing temperatures, so we advise you bring them inside. We make this suggestion also because connected hoses can increase the risk of pipes freezing and bursting. In fact, we also recommend switching off the shutoff valve for the outdoor faucets before freezing temperatures hit. This buffer against the winter cold is essential.

2: Check for Leaks

Speaking of buffers against the winter cold, it is crucial to regularly check for leaks. Leaking pipes are incredibly vulnerable to bursting as pressure builds up against the plumbing. A leaking pipe also means uncontrolled water, and that is not something you want in the freezing temperatures of a harsh winter. Make sure to repair leaks as soon as possible. In the case of a large leak, turn off the respective water shutoff valve and call Sunshine Plumbers or a local plumbing company for assistance.

3: Keep the House Warm

If you are planning on leaving your home or building for the winter, then remember to keep the heaters running! Exposed pipes and even those in cabinets should stay warm. The thermostat will only have to be at around 50 degrees, so you don’t have to worry too much about energy costs. In fact, we argue this is valuable insurance against potentially devastating water damage. Play it safe and keep the house warm!

4: Clear Any Clogged Drains and Pipes

The risk of water freezing and expanding in the pipes as the pipe material contracts is enough without a clog in the mix. Give your plumbing system a hand by clearing out any clogged drain and pipes. You might have clogged water lines if your faucets and showerheads have low pressure. Also, your drains are probably clogged if water is slow to drain and the drains make gurgling sounds. Severe clogs can lead to wastewater and sewage backups, so schedule a biennial drain cleaning for a peace of mind.

5: Have the Pipes Inspected

We recommend homeowners and business owners inspect their plumbing system regularly and professionally inspected once a year. Scheduling a plumbing inspection during the winter can be a lifesaver. The plumbers at Sunshine Plumbers, for instance, can detect many signs of trouble that the average eye may miss. It also helps that our plumbers in Lake Magdalene are equipped with sophisticated tools and technology. Call Sunshine Plumbers to consult with a friendly representative today.